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About us

TokaBio (Pty) Ltd specialises in diagnostics assays and platform development. TokaBio strives to develop novel functionality assays for infectious pathogen detection. The main focus of TokaBio is the commercialization and validation of a pipeline of point-of-care detection assays and services that have relevance to the African commercial environment and landscape. The health of our clients, be they animal or human, is of utmost importance. 

Where a detection protocol exists, we apply it. Where it is unavailable, we develop one.

 What makes TokaBio different?

1.      Agility and flexibility: TokaBio has developed a system that oscillates between a fixed laboratory system and a mobile laboratory platform. This significantly impacts turnaround time and response to an outbreak within and outside the South African borders.

2.      Validated and ready to use assays: The human services tests within TokaBio testing programs are CE and / or SAHPRA approved.

3.      Customized solution’s approach: Our solutions are customized specifically to the needs of the country where we are working. We provide targeted solutions to specific challenges and do not use a generic / blanket approach in addressing issues.

4.      Mobility: We have developed a mobile laboratory to our specifications which enables us to take the test to the field for both Human and Animal test requirements: One Health in Action program. Further reducing turnaround times for assays.

5.      Excellence:  TokaBio has established networks and is attuned to specific customer needs. TokaBio boasts a young, ambitious and skilled team with PhDs and MScs in relevant fields, as well as Specialist Physicians in Pathology.