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Services / Products

Animal Health:

  •        Animal disease outbreak detection and management.
  •          Disease surveillance services and protocol design.
  •      Export certification (OIE regulation) program design.
  •      Vaccine assessment and development.
  •      Mobile laboratory services.
  •      African Animal Health Consultancy services.  

Human Health

  •     Pathology services including viral and bacterial detection, including Covid-19 travel certification PCR tests.

  •     Next Generation HIV drug resistance services.
  •     Mobile laboratory services.

Training Courses: 

  •     Real-time PCR and Isothermal PCR courses.
  •     Hands-on animal field work course.
  •     Next Generation Sequencing and Bioinformatics course.
  •     Postgraduate Diploma in Veterinary Sciences.
We collaborate with a South African Institution of Higher Learning for a  1-year postgraduate Diploma in animal disease management. This is an online course with two blocks of contact sessions for the practical work component. The course is applicable for non-South Africans as well.